In 2010 while working at Yammer I had the desire to create an application which would allow me to capture an image of my face every day and create one of those memorable “photo-a-day” videos. My motivation was that, because I lived such a distance from my family and friends, I wanted a way to share with them every day, on a schedule, so I wouldn’t forget.

Well, that application came out while I was working on it, in 2010, called “Everyday” and it was a quite good app. Lightt, at the time called “Ficture” morphed into what it is today: an application for sharing short snippets of time.

The company was officially founded as Lightt in 2011 and launched in October of that year, to a lot of fun press. Overall, Lightt was a fun, rewarding experience and I got the chance to work collaboratively with an excellent team with whom I’m still good friends.